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The What’s Underneath Project: Juliana Huxtable.

TW: Semi-nudity, descriptions of bullying and harassment.

Artist, DJ, writer, model and activist Juliana Huxtable (who was recently profiled by Dazed) sits down for StyleLikeU’s “What’s Underneath Project" to candidly and openly talk about aesthetics, style, visibility, insecurities, navigating the world as a gender-mixed black person, and some of the ways the projections of other people’s perceptions of her have affected her throughout her life.

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Love this pic of the Beastie Boys shooting water guns at Madonna

Video stills of skateboarder Peggy Oki via Tomboy Style.

Stare away to No where

Apes… Do Not Want War!

First, there was the dance of death with Jay Z. Next was the confusing collaboration with Lady Gaga. Now, the grandmother of performance art has moved on to bigger and better brands things. Yes, for reasons unbeknownst to just about everyone, Marina Abramović has teamed up with Adidas to make a commercial short film about teamwork.

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People that missed the first 30 minutes of the game like


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